Little-Known Facts About Cherry Trees

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Thousands of visitors around the globe fill gardens with cherry trees annually.

Ideally, the primary goal is to have a view of the blossoming cherry trees during the spring.

After the flowering phase, what happens?

Do cherry blossom trees have cherries? Well, they do.

It is for this reason that life is likened to a bowl of cherries.

In cities like new York, cherries are among the most love trees.

Unfortunately, some people still fail to realize the beautiful pink color when these trees blossom.

Besides the beauty, this article presents a couple of little-known facts about these trees.

Cherry Trees

They Make Fruits

It is rather surprising that the beautiful pink flowers carry most people away.

As such, they fail to realize that these trees bear fruits. This is not surprising considering that most people plant them for flowering reasons.

Nevertheless, the fact remains, this tree bears small cherry fruits during the summer.

These fruits are too sour for most people but birds like eating then anyway.

The Bloom Lasts for Only a Week

The blossoming season lasts for about a week.

However, considering that some trees bloom earlier than others, the blooming season can last one month.

For an individual tree, the flowering season lasts for only one week or two in rare occasions.

These variations in flowering times is the beauty of the cherry blooms.

Ideally, if all the tree bloomed at the same time, blooming would not be any special.

Japanese Cherry Trees Rarely Blossom’

Azaleas, Confers, Mosses and Maples are the most common cherries in Japanese gardens.

In Japan, flowering cherries are usually planted in parks.

Like the US, blossom cherries are associated with solemn events where individuals in attendance reflect and think about the brevity of life.

BlossomThe Blooms Changes Colors

Different cherry species bloom differently.

Most of them have a dark pink color when in the bud and progressively reduce the color shade to pale pink or white when the blossoming season ends.

Notably, other species like the Ukon start with a greenish color that eventually turns into pink.

Unlike most years, most people thought that cherry blossom were late.

However, unlike previous years, the bloom this year was close to the norm before climate change hit our planet.

Ideally, like in the past, people should expect the bloom early in the year between April and May.

After the bloom, expect the fruits later in the summer though they may not be as sweet as the blooms appeared.