Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation Vue

With advancements in cloud computing technology, Sony introduced the PlayStation Vue service.

This service has been in the market for quite some time but most people have just heard of it and have not tried it all together.

So, What is the Playstation Vue? Well, Vue is cloud based TV service offered by Sony.

PlayStation Vue

What Exactly is it?

Precisely. PlayStation Vue is an online video/TV service that replaces the conventional satellite or cable TV service.

This service is rolled out using monthly subscriptions.

In exchange for your subscriptions, you are given a package consisting of global TV channels like CNN and ESPN. Moreover, in this package, you also receive DCR-like features along with other custom programs. To use this package, you are only required to be connected to the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Besides contents, the cost of the package is a primary concern among many potential users.

Ideally, in the US, the service is rolled out at an average cost of $40. This rate is charged in states like New York, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and in San Francisco Bay.

All other US markets are charged $30 for nearly the same program line up depending on the state.

Ideally, the cost of the package is determined by your zip code.

Is the Vue Accessible in Other Devices?

Yes. Ideally, after signing up for this service, you can enjoy this service on your iPhone or iPad.

You are only required to download the Vue mobile app in the app store to start using this service. However, some channels may not be available for mobile viewing.

Is it better than the satellite or Cable TV?PlayStation Vue

Unlike traditional TV services, the Vue is technically and economically better.

However, this depends on the type of service that your service provider offers.

Unlike Traditional TV, the Vue offers a technology that lets you bookmark your favorite channels, provide recommendations based on the programs you like and most importantly, it allows you to save some shows on the Cloud DVR for later viewing. Moreover, Vue helps you create a profile for family members based on what you want them to watch ( parental control feature).

How Does Cloud DVR Work?

This is the feature that allows you to save or add new shoes to the “My Shows” list.

This feature intelligently keeps new episodes for a maximum of 28 days after they were aired.

In this regard, the Vue is a real value for money.

Notably, for TV watching, you only need to have a PlayStation 3 or 4 gaming console to sign up.