Decorative Finishes To Furniture


Do you want to give your furniture a whole new look? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. You will have your furniture looking as good as new. There is a wide variety of choice at your disposal. Getting the right kind of finish will give your furniture a complete transformation in no time. Visit for various decorative finishes to furniture. You can choose from the different finishes based on your requirements. Read on to find out the perfect finish on your furniture.

Great tips

Greenwood finish

The world is going green, and so is wood finish. This means that you can now get something that is environment-house Furniturefriendly. If you are the conservative type who cares about the environment, then you should choose this finish. When choosing the green wood finish you can go for linseed oil and beeswax. In addition, water-based varnish also gives you the green feel that you want. There is no doubt you will get an eco-friendly finish that looks good on your furniture.

Oil based paint

When it comes to children, you should put safety first. Oil based paint are suitable to use on children furniture. It is not easy for them to remove this kind of finish when they are playing. Therefore, you are rest assured that you will not keep going to the store now and then. In case you are doing this yourself, then you have to be prepared to do a lot of cleanups. It is because oil paint finishes can be a bit messy.


Varnish is a clear finish which is durable. They take a lot of time to dry. The best thing about using varnish is that you can repair any damage without stripping it. You can buy varnish that is oil based or water based. You can use paint to protect finish that is not sealed. To get the perfect finish using varnish, you should use a brush for all your applications. You can buy the high gloss or matte versions depending on the kind of look you want.


kitchen FurnitureThis finish is easy to apply compared to varnish. The downside with it is that if you make a mistake, then you have to strip it. It is not easy to repair when damaged. Using this finish requires the work of a professional.

Shellac: Shellac is non-toxic which is available in different colors. It gives your furniture a brilliant shine. However, this type of finish can be damaged easily with alcohol, water or fruit juice.