How to Free yourself when Handcuffed.

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Don’t we all wish we could have superpowers and get off those handcuffs as easy as snapping a finger like they do it in the movies? Or maybe just do it like the hand to hand military combat training experts do. Well, it’s not as hard as you might think freeing yourself off handcuffs might be. It is very easy by following these simple and easy steps.

The most famous type of handcuff used is the model 100’s by Smith and Wesson and widely used all around the world. Here are the simple steps to do when freeing yourself off handcuffs;

Prepping the unlocking wire/pinHandcuffed

Find yourself a straight wire or pin as this will act as the key to open up the cuffs. Now bend the wire/pin into a 90 degrees angle and you are almost out of the cuffs. A paper clip works best and for girls, a quick option is your hair pin.

Freeing yourself from a single lock

Now insert the modified pin or wire into the handcuffs keyhole halfway. To pick the single lock, apply pressure on the cuffs as if tightening them at the same time pressing the pin in the direction the cuff is moving. This creates a force the mechanism of locking. You cannot pull this off with once trial, and there needs practice over a few times to master it so it might take a while to be proficient at it.

Freeing yourself from aHandcuffed double lock

The double lock is harder to pick than the single lock. It’s more secure and hence requires a lot of practice and precision to get around it. When the lock is set, spring is moved from the direction the cuffs are moving, dragging along the bar with it thus rendering the one lock inoperable.

Start by inserting the wire or pin into the uppercut out of the cuff lock just as with the one lock although now in the opposite direction of the cuff’s movement. Move the “key” under the handcuff’s and twist it in the normal key’s direction to free the double lock.

The lock requires more pressure and thus more pressure. As we said earlier, the double lock is more secure that’s why after picking the lock you will also need to unlock the single lock too.…