How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair

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Taking care of natural hair can be stressful. If you have been relaxing your hair for a long time, you will notice that natural hair is difficult to maintain. Fortunately, sticking to a hair routine can help you overcome challenges.

For proper care of natural hair, you need to take some time and consider nurturing your hair. Just like relaxed hair, natural hair can grow to full length. You need to know how to handle the shrinkage that comes with the hair. Here are some tips to help you grow natural hair:

Keep It Moisturized

Moisture is everything when dealing with natural hair. You need to keep the hair moisturized because of the shrinkage. Keep a spray bottle with you at all time and wet the hair at least twice a day. When the hair is moisturized, it will be easy to style.

Moisturizing your hair is not just about using water. You can use a combination of essential oils and water in the spray bottle. Dry hair feels and looks bad. Moisturizing your natural hair is the best way to go.

Wear a Satin Bonnet or Use a Satin Pillow

You need to protect your hair in the right way when sleeping. Make sure that you use a satin pillow or cap when sleeping. The main aim of using satin when sleeping is to make sure that you retain as much moisture as possible. The rule when it comes to growing natural hair is to avoid dryness as much as possible. Materials like cotton are highly absorbent, so it is best to avoid them.

hair satin bonets

Protect Your Hair from Braiding

When braiding your hair, you need to be extra careful. Braiding tends to affect them, and this can affect the growth of your hair. Make sure that the braiding is not done tightly.

There are ways of braiding hair without hurting the roots. You need to remember that once your hairline is destroyed, it might take some time before the hair grows back.

Use the Right Products

Using the right products is a good way to grow your natural hair. When taking care of natural hair, consider using natural products with no additives that are harsh on the hair.

Essential oils and other natural oils are recommended for maintaining natural hair. Also, remember to avoid using heat on your hair. Heat tends to damage the strength and look for the hair.…